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USA Wire & Cable to Open Branch in Pa...

by wirelinks on 09/15/2013 - 08:40 pm
Tag: Press Release

USA Wire & Cable, Inc. (USAWC) is pleased to announce the September opening of a branch location in Pasadena. Conveniently located in the Bay Area Business Park between SH 146 and IH-45, and near Beltway 8, the warehouse offers immediate access to the Port of Houston’s container terminals.      

USAWC will stock a portion of the 104,300 sq. ft. facility with large quantities of instrumentation cable, thermocouple wire, control and power tray cables, and 600V CLX armored cable. The Pasadena Gulf Coast location will be managed by Donnie Daniels, a Houston-area native with more than 35 years in the wire business.

The branch facility is part of a master plan ...

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