The Board of Directors of the IWCS, in keeping with considerable feedback from the exhibitors in the Annual IWCS International Cable·Connectivity Symposium, has concluded that the exhibitor hours normally scheduled for the last day of the conference should be cancelled. 



Therefore, in Providence this November, exhibits will be open on Monday, November 12 and Tuesday, November 13.  On the first day, there will be no competing events scheduled.  On day two, the Poster Paper session is scheduled for late in the day adjacent to the exhibits, assuring strong traffic in the exhibit hall.  The Board believes that with this revised schedule, the exhibitors will experience strong traffic, with little "dead" time.

Our friends at Cable Components Group will again be hosting Monday Night Football, which is a very popular opportunity for networking for all conference participants.

In the months leading up to the Conference, all exhibitors will receive an electronic "invitation" that may be forwarded to customers and other interested parties, allowing a cost-free registration for those wishing only to visit the exhibits.  This is in keeping the commitment to exhibitors to help build traffic and enhance the value of participation in the IWCS
Suppliers' Exhibition.

As a final note, the IWCS has received a record number of abstracts for technical content this year.  The experience is that more papers lead to more attendance.  We are looking forward to a very successful conference!