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OFS Expands the AccuRibbon® DC Fiber Optic Cable Family

September 06, 2017

OFS is pleased to announce the expansion of the AccuRibbon&r... (more)

Superior Essex Introduces a Full Portfolio of Microarray Fiber Cables

July 08, 2013

Superior Essex announces its family of Microarray Data Center cables, a full line of premises loose tube fiber cables designed for high de... (more)

Hitachi Cable America Introduces 100m Optical Active HDMI Cable Assembly

May 15, 2013

Hitachi Cable America Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of its Optical Active HDMI cable assembly. The unique design, which utilizes ... (more)

Omnetics Offers Micro to Nano EMI Cables

May 15, 2013

Miniature electronics continue to add circuit functions and increased circuit speed while reducing size and increasing portability. To ser... (more)

Hygienic Control Power & Data Cables Receive UL and CSA Approvals

April 10, 2013

HELUKABEL announced that its NANOFLEX line of hygienic control power and data cables have been approv... (more)

CTC, General Cable to Manufacture ACCC Conductor

April 10, 2013

CTC Global and General Cable plan to jointly manufacture high-capacity, low-sag ACCC conductor solutions for electric utilities in the U.S. and Canada.The c... (more)

Nexans to Unveil Superconductor Cable in Essen

April 05, 2013

Nexans is to unveil its latest superconductor in Germany, the longest such installation in the world.Testing has been completed on the 10 Kv HTS syste... (more)

New Environmentally Friendly Wire Rope

March 22, 2013

Asia One Marine has introduced its Fishcable this year, which aims to reduce pollution caused by ropes greased wit... (more)

LS Cable & System Develops the World’s Thinnest 10Gbps Communication Cable

March 20, 2013

LS Cable & System embarks on targeting Korean and overseas markets following successful development of the world’s thinnest 10Gbps LAN cable. Measuring 7.0mm ... (more)

Fiber Optic Cables Just Got 20% Smaller, Lighter

March 02, 2013

Optical Cable Corporation (OCC) has introduced a new family of ultra high-density fiber optic ca... (more)